Veta S.A works towards increasing the efficiency of productive cycle, through the development of technological and organizational
capacity and the control of our processes. We follow the highest international standards of production and management based on integrated quality

Customer care

Our corporate culture focuses on the client. It is our aim not only to satisfy our customers’ needs but also to develop
their activities and perspectives through our interaction, contributing to the insight of next steps and offering multiple

We invest on innovation.

For VETA S.A innovation is linked to our work. The investment on new technologies, the production model, the organizational structure, our facilities
but especially the encouragement of our staff creates the best environment to develop products and services.

Our values our people.

The concept of our corporate culture is our people. Our commitment to the company and its targets has put VETA in the most exceptional market
position. We provide to our employees training with successful results, career opportunities, acceptance
of offer and results.

Environmental ethic.

The key element of our corporate policy is respect for the environment. Reduction of ecological footprint from products
and services is our commitment which is implemented through the increasing use of natural and renewable energy sources and recycling methods
during production process.

Economical efficiency.

Our policy is based on our objective of sustained and sustainable growth, long-term values and contribution
to economy under our corporal social responsibility.